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Soapstone/Onyx (matte) bracelet

Soapstone/Onyx (matte) bracelet

Soapstone meaning:Soapstone is commonly believed to have a soothing, balancing effect while creating a positive, calming energy. Soapstone is valued for it the way it helps one prepare for changes in life. It is also thought to promote truth, logic as well as rational and creative thinking.Onyx meaning:Onyx is a protective and strength giving stone. It aids in learning lessons, imparting self-confidence and helping you to be at ease in your surroundings. Onyx is useful in healing work of past life traumas that may be affecting present life. Chakra: RootMaterials:Handcrafted Stretch braceletSoapstone 8mm beadsOnyx (matte) 8mm beadsGold metal spacersString stretch cordSoapstone is made from different compounds, each bracelet and earring set has it's own totally unique coloring and markings.
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