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Tiger Eye Blue 2pc

Tiger Eye Blue 2pc

SKU: SB1111

Tiger Eye & Onyx Meaning:

Tiger Eye Blue is calming and releases stress. It aids overanxious, quick-tempered, and phobic. Promote spiritual well-being, increases self-discipline and personal power. A good jewelry selection to wear when you want to slow it down a bit. Chakra: Third eye & Throat

Onyx is a protective and strength-giving stone. It aids in learning lessons, imparting self-confidence and helping you to be at ease in your surroundings. Onyx is useful in healing work of past life traumas that may be affecting present life. Chakra: Root


Handcrafted unisex bracelet

8mm Blue Tiger Eye beads

8mm Onyx beads

Gun metal spacer beads

Strong stretch cord

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