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Amazonite Mala Necklace

Amazonite Mala Necklace


Soul Journey Jewels Mala necklace is designed to promote wellness and growth during your spiritual journey. Daily practice with your mala increases focus and concentration; reduce stress and anxiety; improve sleep; and heighten your spiritual awareness. Wearing the handcrafted mala necklace is a reminder to be present and mindful throughout the day.

Amazonite is the stone of peace, truth, harmony and communication. It brings forth a calm and serene energy to the air. Thus, making this stone perfect for when it is difficult to communicate. Amazonite also empowers and strengthen any intention you bring forth to it.

Product Details:

Tibetan Mala

Amazonite 8mm

Wood 6mm marker bead

Wood 3/4” guru bead

Gold accents

Brown cotton tassel

White waxed cord hand-knotted

Length 25”

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